Euphoric Designs

The epitome of what the Euphoric Experience is all about; radiance, excitement, versatility and creativity!

The pieces you will see on this website depicts the uniqueness that Euphoric Designs stands for and mirrors the quality of the time and work put into each piece. 

Handmade by Darriane Phillips, the brand caters to a wide variety of people and proves that its not just cloth, it’s an experience! An experience that everyone should be a part of!

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Darriane Phillips

The Designer

My desire in business has always been to have pieces of me intertwined into the fabric of my creations as well as in the hearts of my customers. Not only am I passionate and meticulous about what I do, but my business is also built on trust, reliability and efficiency. My passion continues to drive me and my desire to create emanates throughout my entire being. It allows me to be confident, personable, versatile and patient. 

Euphoric Designs is more than a brand, it’s the complete embodiment of how I live my life…Euphorically. 


I am Darriane Cerronne Phillips

CEO of Euphoric Designs

I Welcome you

Fashion is my way to express how much 


-Laura Brunereau

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