Darriane Phillips

Darriane Phillips, born in the 1990s, this “Mom – Trepreneur” (Mom & Entrepreneur) from Scarborough Tobago, discovered her passion for designing and sewing about seven years ago. She states, “I’m not even sure how, I just remember trying to get mummy and daddy to get me a sewing machine and of course they didn’t see the importance (I’m sure they do now though.) Nonetheless I got my own money and I bought my machine the same day I was returning to Barbados for school. I never had any training in that area, I wasn’t even sure how to thread the machine. Thank God for instructions.” Since that time her passion for the industry has grown tremendously.

She stated that she was always drawn to African/Tribal Prints, even before she started sewing and many have told her that she looks like an African Princess. Because of this, most of her collections epitomize what the Euphoric Experience is all about; radiance, excitement, versatility and creativity. She has had many opportunities to display her pieces at fashion shows, conventions and pop up shops across Trinidad and Tobago, from high school shows, to Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week, to TTMA’s Trade and Investment Convention. 

The brand, Euphoric Designs, describes the feeling that takes over when she is given the opportunity to create a design; the feeling of intense excitement. This brand caters mainly to females however; males and children are always accommodated when requested. She explains, “Fashion is an expression of who you are, what and how you feel even if it’s all at once or one at a time; it’s not just cloth.”

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