A Euphoric Designs Day One! Teacher Taylor


Abeni Taylor A.K.A Teacher Taylor is an Edupreneur – An Educator and Entrepreneur. She is a Secondary School Teacher and the Director of the School of Foreign Language Tobago. She has been an avid supporter of everything Tobago, which includes Euphoric Designs, from Day One!

We had the pleasure of creating custom pieces for her to attend various events from awards ceremonies, to school/work dinners, to work/school.

Aunty Bindi (as my son calls her) has become a part of my family, with sleep overs and random Spanish lessons with my son. A genuine soul.

Teacher Taylor continues to support Euphoric Designs and we will continue to cater to her garment construction and design needs with pleasure.

Added to this post are some images of Abeni in pieces created by Euphoric Designs.






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