The Euphoric Chic of 2018 – @that_girl_marvin (Marvin Rene Jo Ann Phillips)


So let’s talk about that girl Marvin!

Marvin has been my friend since Primary school! A genuine soul when it comes to the people she loves.

So y’all probably thinking that that’s the reason she became the Euphoric Chic of 2018 right??? Nah, at Euphoric Designs we don’t roll like that.

Marvin became the Euphoric Chic of 2018 after she ordered an outfit twice every month, sometimes it was every week.

Remember I told y’all she is my friend??? She NEVER one day asked me for a discount, there were even times I offered discounts and she left the money on my table, lol. She is a true supporter, just like Teacher Taylor (See Featured Posts – A Euphoric Designs Day One! Teacher Taylor) 


Y’all know what’s the plus to all of this??? She is PLUS SIZED!!! THICK!!! FULL! JUICY!

Marvin continues to support Euphoric Designs to this day and we continue to appreciate her support!We love you girl!!!!


See Images of That Girl Marvin Below. 


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