Miss Heritage Personality 2020 Things. (Part One)

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Everyone in the creative industry (…and even some who are not) can tell you that 2020 has been a rough one. Places were now closed, events were cancelled or became virtual and so no one had anywhere to go. This really broke my heart and my pocket because I really enjoy what I do. Lo and Behold! Shanareah called me asking if I am available to make somethings for the Miss Heritage Personality Delegates for a photoshoot. Well all yuh know I not going and let this pass, but at the same time, I’m maintaining my composure so that I can ask all the right questions.  Once I got the most favourable responses I agreed openly to complete the pieces.

Now, this was the Saturday that she called me and the 11 outfits  (16 pieces) were to be completed for 5pm on the Monday!!!!!! LMAO! You are probably wondering what the favourable responses were that I got right???? Hahaha!

Anyways I did what needed to be done to ensure that my brand is represented the best way possible. I went to the studio where the girls were and measured each one. Of course there were a few who weren’t available for measurement but I panicked and eventually got through.

Its now Sunday evening and I receive a message from Shan asking me how much and which pieces I think would be ready by 9am because the deadline is now 3pm on Monday. Now, ALOT can be done in 2 hours!

Anyways, I continued working and by 9am on Monday the deadline was now 12pm…. OK!!! ISSA JOKE NOW!!! Nope, the photoshoot started at midday. Shanareah came by about 11am and took whatever was finished which was about 9 outfits (12 pieces).

At this point I start to feel LIGHTTTTT! cause I only have 4 more pieces to complete and considering how photoshoots go, I had a lil time. THANK GOD.

I eventually got through all the pieces and everything went well.

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Karicia (Miss Heritage Personality 2020)







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