Miss Heritage Personality 2020 Things (Part Two)

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Part one of this story was based solely on the photoshoot pieces.

So let me continue…

After Shan realized that I was getting through with the pieces she made a comment that I took quite lightly, she said, “People mussn do good and quick work for me enno, because I will always give them work and I does have plenty work!”

I heard her clearly but I eh take it on.

Anyways, not long after she asked me if I was up to doing the introduction pieces and maybe some dance pieces…. (Yallll!!! I love love love what I do so of course I won’t say no lol!!) I said, “Yeah sure!”

This time we had at least a month before those pieces needed to be ready. (…or so I thought)

Time passed and passed and passed and about 6 days before the date she initially gave me for the show, I got an email requesting a quotation. I sent the information and the following day I checked in with her to know what was really happening.

Now we’re down to 5 days.

Turns out I got the job! Exciting right?????

The 10 queens, 3 male and 7 female dancers needed to be measured before I could start anything because I needed to make sure that these ladies and dancers were as comfortable as I can make them with the resources and time I was given.

This broke the time down to 4 days lol. (Trust me it gets worst, lolol!)

The outfits needed to be given to the dancers and the queens the night before the show at dress rehearsals, so what does this mean???? (let’s all say it together…) We’re down to 3 days!!!

Three Days not so bad, right??? Ummm Yea, because in all I had to cut fabrics for and sew about 50 pieces of clothing.


But it was done in time.

I would have to be the most self centered narcissistic person on planet earth if I try to take all the credit.

I have an amazing support system and sisters who have my back! ALWAYS.

Cherielle woke up everyday and came and helped me sew and surge. Rae pulled through with the moral support! Shakira took care of my son, Xhion, who was “mind blowingly” well behaved.


This is life I live for! Being able to honour such a crazy request and not end up sick or hospitalized is what gives me life!


(See Images Below)

Here are just a few of the images of the some of the pieces made for the final show.

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